Our Communities

The EngAGE program is currently delivered to thousands of older adults at the following senior apartment communities in Southern California:

  1. ACE/121 Apartments – Glendale, CA (800) 231-0736
  2. Andalucia Senior Apartments – Panorama City, CA (818) 922-8369
  3. Asturias Senior Apartments – Panorama City, CA (818) 900-2303
  4. Buckingham Senior Apartments – Los Angeles, CA (323) 299-1773
  5. Burbank Senior Artists Colony (BSAC) – Burbank, CA (818) 955-9391
  6. Cantabria Senior Apartments – Panorama City, CA (818) 900-2309
  7. Casa Bonita Senior Apartments – Huntington Park, CA (323) 284-2587
  8. Cotton’s Point Senior Apartments – San Clemente, CA (949) 284-6467
  9. Coventry Court Senior Apartments – Tustin, CA (866) 871-0658
  10. Dorado Senior Apartments – Buena Park, CA  (714) 684-6870
  11. The Grove Senior Apartments – Garden Grove, CA  (714) 902-9484
  12. The Jasmine at Founders Village – Fountain Valley, CA (714) 902-9489
  13. La Coruña Senior Apartments – Van Nuys, CA (818) 646-7204
  14. Long Beach Senior Arts Colony (LBSAC) – Long Beach, CA (562) 485-9717
  15. Magnolia at Highland Senior Apartments – San Bernardino, CA (909) 726-0322
  16. Magnolia at 9th Senior Apartments – San Bernardino, CA (800) 914-8073
  17. Menorah House – Reseda, CA (310) 477-1476
  18. The Metro at Chinatown Senior Lofts – Los Angeles, CA (213) 255-3012
  19. The Metro at Compton Senior Apartments – Compton, CA (310) 853-1573
  20. The Metro at Hollywood Senior Apartments – Los Angeles, CA (213) 255-3001
  21. Noble Senior Housing – Sherman Oaks, CA (310) 477-1476
  22. North Hollywood Senior Arts Colony (NoHoSAC) – No. Hollywood, CA (855) 399-5381
  23. Pacific Avenue Arts Colony (PacArts) – San Pedro, CA (310) 853-5839
  24. Park Plaza Senior Apartments – North Hollywood, CA (818) 962-0675
  25. The Piedmont Senior Apartments – North Hollywood, CA (818) 759-0500
  26. Portofino Villas – Pomona, CA (909) 397-0281
  27. San Antonio Gardens Senior Apartments – Norwalk, CA (562) 888-5233
  28. Sterling Court Senior Apartments – Anaheim, CA (714) 684-6874
  29. Tavarua Senior Apartments – Carlsbad, CA (760) 678-5541
  30. Triangle Square Apartments – Hollywood, CA (323) 860-5830
  31. Vermont Family Apartments – Los Angeles, CA (323) 751-4040
  32. Vineland Avenue Senior Housing – North Hollywood, CA (310) 477-1476

We are now also serving Portland, OR, and Minneapolis, MN:

  1. Cascadian Terrace Apartments – Portland, OR (503) 283-3541
  2. Riverview Senior Housing – Minneapolis, MN (651) 291-1750

10 Responses to Our Communities

  1. Janice Weinberger says:

    Are there any other senior apartments being developed where EngAge will be available? I’m interested in an affordable one bedroom apartment. Will EngAge be available in the San Francisco general area? Thanks for responding.

  2. admin says:

    Hi, Janice ~ I’ve forwarded your email address to Tim Carpenter for his response. Thanks for your interest in EngAGE! ~ Cynthia

    • Sandra Fisher says:

      I am also interested in your program being available in the Sacramento area. Is there someone as individuals can do to encourage senior housing currently available to use your program? Thank you.

  3. Linda Nelson says:

    Any communities in Medford, OR, Reno, NV, Laughlin , NV, states aside from CA, etc?? Wonderful, exciting programs you have. Thank you for caring so much about the retired, and for being able and blessed to build and help provide. I feel there are many wanting these programs ☺ all over. Bless you!

    • admin says:

      I’m sorry, but we don’t have programs in the areas you mentioned. Please continue to follow our blog where you’ll read any announcements we might have about plans to expand our services. Thank you for your comment!

  4. Maria S. Mannino says:

    Are there any plans to establish Engage presence in Prescott, Arizona or anywhere else in Arizona state? Would love to live in an Artist like community for the rest of my journey in this lifetime…that can prove to be meaningful.

    Thank you

    • admin says:

      No, I’m sorry, but please continue to follow our blog where we’ll announce any future plans as they develop. Thank you for your interest in EngAGE!

  5. Jennifer Williams says:

    Hello, we have applied at the ACE 121 last July but we have not heard anything yet.
    Will we hear from you about that building and if not is there another that we can apply for. My husband is 70 and counting and he is very anxious to utilize his talents and help others learn. I am a talented fine and digital artist and I would like to share my abilities too.

    Thank you, Jennifer Williams

    • admin says:

      Please contact ACE 121 at 657-223-2569 to find out what happened with your application. You can also contact them via the form on their website: http://www.ace121glendale.com/contact/ The website says that they’re no longer accepting applications and the wait list is closed. You are welcome to apply at any of our other communities. Each community handles its own applications, so please call to confirm availability and find out how to apply. Thank you and good luck!

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