News from NoHo SAC: 25 Year Retrospective Reception Photos

Last week, the North Hollywood Senior Arts Colony presented the opening reception for the 25 Year Retrospective art show for EngAGE’s Websites/Social Media Manager and Experience Talks producer/host Cynthia Friedlob. Cynthia is grateful to EngAGE CEO/Founder Tim Carpenter, EngAGE CAO Nancy Goodhart, and NoHo SAC Program Director Sara Debevec for hosting the show in the beautiful lobby gallery shared by NoHo SAC and the Road Theatre on Magnolia. The evening included delicious food from Porto’s and fine entertainment by keyboardist Rex Perry. In addition to celebrating 25 years of exhibiting art, the event also marked Cynthia’s 10th anniversary of meeting EngAGE CEO/Founder Tim Carpenter and her affiliation with the Experience Talks Radio Show, and her 70th birthday!

The exhibition runs until March 16, 2018. It’s open during regular business hours and prior to theater performances. Call to confirm: NoHo SAC (818) 985-2200, Road Theatre (818) 761-8838.

Reception photos by John Semper Jr. and Nancy Goodhart.


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