News from Portofino: Crochet Class

The popular Crochet Class at Portfino Villas in Pomona, CA, offers residents an opportunity for both creative expression and community building. In addition, knitting and crocheting offer other benefits, including increased emotional well-being through:

  • stress relief
  • improved self esteem
  • sense of accomplishment and personal growth
  • renewed creative passion
  • socialization
  • sense of purpose

The rhythmic and repetitive movements are among the meditative and stress relieving qualities of knit and crochet and have been shown to calm and focus the mind while easing anxiety (Crochet Saved My Life, 2012). Other benefits include improved self esteem from the accomplishment of learning a new skill and completing a project. Crochet and knitting can also be a wonderful form of self-expression for older adults who may find a renewed creative passion and sense of freedom in choosing a project and colors.

In addition, crochet and knitting groups can increase seniors’ overall well-being by providing a social outlet that can combat feelings of isolation and sadness by fostering a sense of community, an opportunity for growing friendships, and building a support network. This socialization is especially helpful for those those living alone or without family nearby.

And did we mention that it’s fun creating something beautiful and handmade?!

Photo Credit: Alma Wright

~ Jennifer Fallon, Regional Program Director


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