News from Park Plaza: Yoga Class

Exciting news from EngAGE Program Director Elizabeth Sampson:

Park Plaza in North Hollywood, CA, has a new Yoga Class and it is amazing. Susan Diol started teaching here in late February and it is nothing short of astonishing. I didn’t know how a Yoga Class was going to go over, and I warned Susan that it may be slow to start. Well. When I dropped in on her second class I could not believe my eyes. There was an ocean of eighteen waving, lady-arms, like a field of Siberian willow trees. It was lovely.

Here is what Programs Assistant Tanya Kutukdjian says about the class:

“I am so excited to report about how much the residents are enjoying the new Yoga Class. I have encouraged them many times to join in various classes and become more active and involved. Many times, I would get a smile and a “sure, we will give it a try,” just to please me, but this time, I found out that residents are attending and very much enjoying the yoga classes. As you have noticed from the pictures you shared, the attendance is high, especially for this site. But what is really great to see, is that they have become more positive and outgoing because they were brave enough to step out of their comfort zones. They are so much happier and healthier, and it shows!

“I hope this will encourage their friends to join as well, and motivate all the residents to try the other wonderful classes that are offered at Park Plaza!

“Please let Susan know she is much appreciated.”

And now at the end of her first month, Susan has 33 regular attendees!!

Park Plaza is forever transformed – it is a new day.

~ Elizabeth Sampson, Program Director


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