News from Magnolia @ 9th: Collage, Mixed Media, & Watercolors

From Magnolia at 9th Senior Apartments in San Bernardino:

Art with Matt instructor Matthew McMillon leads both beginner and advanced artists in learning about different techniques and mediums while exploring and discovering their own creative potential.


  • Collage
  • Mixed-Media Art-Making Materials and Methodologies
  • Watercolor painting with wax resist techniques

Instructor’s Notes: My students really enjoyed moving into the watercolor painting with wax resist lesson. Some of the students were particularly engaged and focused on this project. Furthermore, students seemed to enjoy looking for reference images for the artworks and utilizing the aforementioned images to help build the figurative elements of their work. I’m really proud of this class because they have each started to build individual styles and have a deep commitment to their work. Each student is driven to come to class, apply effort and enjoy themselves, which is great!

Mag9th_2016_05-4 Mag9th_2016_05-5 Mag9th_2016_05-6

~ Alma Wright, Regional Programs Director

EngAGE offers a variety of classes, workshops, and special programs at each of our communities. These posts highlight just a small sample.


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