Could You “Age in Place” in Your Home?

Housing“Much of the attention on America’s rapidly growing aging population is aptly focused on the need for professional, reliable caregivers to help the elderly age in place at home. What we might forget to consider, however, is the equally critical component of ensuring that the homes themselves are eldercare friendly, enabling seniors to live and move with ease despite the limited mobility they inevitably experience as part of the aging process. . . . ‘Although a large majority of older Americans say they want to Age in Place, it is often more easily said than done,’ Louis Tenenbaum, Founder of the grassroots advocacy groups and the Aging in Place Institute, states in a white paper published by the MetLife Mature Marketing Institute.” Read more here about the important relationship of housing design to aging in place.


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  1. admin says:

    EngAGE C.O.O. Dr. Maureen Kellen-Taylor shared her thoughts via email:

    I have to take issue with the quote that decreased mobility is inevitable as we age.
    Certainly it is true if we suffer illness or physical trauma but that is true of any age. Healthy aged people is what we are standing for and the alternative vision of aging from that expressed.
    Amazing what power the little word “if” has.

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