About Us

Who are we?

EngAGE changes lives by transforming affordable senior and multigenerational apartment communities into vibrant centers of learning, wellness, and creativity.

How do we achieve our goals?

By delivering life-enhancing, tailored programming in well-being, the arts, lifelong learning, and intergenerational opportunities, seniors and others are enabled to use their acquired skills in real-world ways to gain enrichment and mastery. Through our programs, participants experience the empowerment of intellectual and creative engagement, and improve their health at the same time. We have chosen housing as our platform to deliver programs that fully engage residents and provide them with dynamic intellectual and creative challenges as well as a healthy sense of self-fulfillment, value, and community, all at no cost to the participants.

Additionally, EngAGE produces a weekly one-half hour radio show, “Experience Talks,” to shine a light on the value of experience in society and change the way people think about aging. “Experience Talks” airs for 250,000 listeners on Sundays at 5:00 p.m. on KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, 98.7 FM in Santa Barbara, 93.7 FM in North San Diego, 99.5 FM in Ridgecrest, and streams live on the web at www.kpfk.org. It is also syndicated on up to 100 radio stations nationally in the Pacifica Network. Previous shows are archived on the show’s website at www.experiencetalks.org.

Our Mission

The EngAGE mission is to empower people – intellectually, creatively, and emotionally – to do what they do best for the rest of their lives. Where others see a problem, we see potential. Where loss, decline, or deficit are perceived, we see opportunity and capacity.

Learn more on our website: www.engagedaging.org

Blog Administrator: Cynthia Friedlob

6 Responses to About Us

  1. I am so happy to find your site. We share a passion for re-framing aging and helping people live with vitality and purpose for their full lifespan. I am a board member of the International Council on Active Aging who will be launching a Re-Framing Aging campaign on March 9th. I would love an opportunity to chat with you. Please contact me. Kind Regards, Kay

  2. Dana Arena says:

    Still Cycling at 103


    I thought you’d be interested to read and share with your readers an
    inspirational Guideposts story about Octavio Orduño, the oldest
    cyclist in the nation.
    At 103 Orduño is a perfect model for healthy, active living.


    When asked about his cycling Orduño says,
    “It keeps me going, and it’s better than sitting in the den all day
    watching cars go by.”

    Hope you’ll enjoy the article and that you’ll share the link with your readers.

    Dana Arena (on behalf of Guideposts)

  3. admin says:

    Thanks for the link, Dana! Mr. Orduño deserves mention in a post. ~ Cynthia

  4. Danzo Chang says:

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