News from Burbank Senior Artists Colony: “Singing Ink” Photos

EngAGE CEO/Founder Tim Carpenter was in the house for the “Singing Ink” book reading and signing of our poetry anthology at Burbank Senior Artists Colony in Burbank, CA. Teaching artists Oshea and Melanie Luja served as hosts on the stage of the beautiful BSAC Theater. Tim took these photos of the excited resident writers/performers and perfectly summed up the event, “Great day!”


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News from North Hollywood Senior Arts Colony: An Evening of American Humor 10/2




An Evening of American Humor


Woody Allen, Fran Lebowitz, Burns & Allen, Abbott & Costello, Bob & Ray

and more!!!

Join us in the Lounge

MONDAY, OCT. 2nd at 7:30PM

Readers: Eleanor Anasar, Jackie Benoit, Vicki Finn, Judy Grimes, Gretchen Hailer, Martin Greene, Essie Neff, Naomi Monroe, Susan Taylor

refreshments will be served

NoHo SAC  – 10747 W Magnolia Blvd. – North Hollywood, CA 91601

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BSAC Reminder: “Singing Ink” Poetry Book Signing on 10/1

~ Megan Hocking, Program Director


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Experience Talks 10/1: Adam Bauer and Joe Treasure

Tune in to Experience Talks, our weekly “Radio Magazine for the Experienced Listener,” on Sundays at 5:00 PM PT on KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles, 98.7 FM Santa Barbara, 99.5 China Lake, 93.7 N. San Diego, streaming live online, and now syndicated on up to 100 Pacifica Network stations! Experience Talks is produced by the non-profit EngAGE, Inc.


Miss the show? You can always hear it as a podcast on the Listen Page of our website! You’ll also find an archive-in-progress of all of our previous shows there for you to enjoy. New shows are usually posted within 48 hours after broadcast.


SUNDAY 10/1 @ 5 PM PDT

ADAM BAUER is a favorite performer on the yoga festival circuit, playing to fans at Bhakti Fest, Wanderlust, and other events. Born and raised in Boston and deeply involved in the Kirtan and spiritual scene in New England, Bauer has been committed to the transcendent and musical life since the 1980’s. He is known for co-founding the popular reggae-rock band, The Equalites, and his Kirtan cred was solidified by his seven years of bass playing with the genre’s most well-known artist, Krishna Das.

Adam’s critically-acclaimed first solo record, Shyam Lila, debuted on Mantralogy Records in 2014. His new set, Wonderville, was co-produced by Adam and noted Kirtan producer Ben Leinbach. Musicians on the album include: Hans Christian on cello; Steve Gorn on bansuri flute; and Ben Leinbach on drums, percussion, vocals, keyboards, and programming. Learn more at his website.

Raised sixth in a family of nine, JOE TREASURE enjoyed a capriciously Bohemian childhood. Having received his educational grounding at the hands of Carmelite priests, he escaped to Cheltenham Grammar School where he excelled only in music and art. His architectural ambitions were thwarted by low grades in math and physics. The local college of further education allowed him to pursue more congenial subjects, after which he surprised everyone, not least himself, by winning a place to read English at Keble College, Oxford.

Along with his talent for writing, Joe Treasure has taught English and run a successful drama program in Wales. For a while he was in Los Angeles, but returned to the British Isles with his wife, Dr. Leni Wildflower, in 2004.  Since that time he has studied creative writing. His most recent, and third book, is entitled, The Book of Air.  It is his first venture into “speculative fiction,” and is “a story of survival, the shaping of memory, and the enduring impulse to find meaning in a turbulent world.” Learn more at his website.


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News from Pacific Avenue Arts Colony: “Young at Art” Closes

For September’s First Thursday Art Walk in San Pedro, CA, Pac Arts hosted a closing reception for “Young at Art.” This show featured the work of emerging artist Alexis Velasco and the young students who attend weekly art classes. Alexis leaves for college this month and was thrilled to sell many of her pieces. Visitors from as far as Lake Tahoe attended the show and mingled with the artists. Pac Arts is a multi-generational residential artist colony and has several artist exhibitions throughout the year.

Talented artists and guests enjoyed the show.

Talented artists and guests celebrated the diversity of art.

Alexis with some of her art at the opening and closing receptions for the show.

~ Helene Weinberg, Program Director

EngAGE thanks our supporters!

This exhibition was supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.




The Eisner Foundation





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News from La Coruña: ESL

Lisa Cirincione is the teacher the ESL (English as a Second Language) class at La Coruña Senior Apartments in Van Nuys, CA. This month they have been working on vocabulary about travel and different landscapes around the world. They learned about arid landscapes versus humid landscapes, scorching landscapes versus frigid landscapes. Lisa chose six different diverse places on the globe and the students designed a vacation for each of these locations — what types of activities would be offered, what sites, what cuisine and the accommodations. They learned to ask and answer questions about the different locations. For pronunciation, they worked on the difference between /t/ and /th/ and between /s/ and /sh/.

Instructor Lisa with James (from Kenya)

One of the great moments of the month was having the students do presentations about their home countries. They talked about the landscape and culture, and also the history of their country. It was great fun to see students from Mexico asking questions about the history and culture of Kenya, and learning, and vice-versa. The students had so much pride in sharing their culture.

~ Elizabeth Sampson, Regional Program Director


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News from Good Samaritan Society-Waconia and Westview Acres: Art Show Culminating Event

On September 20th, the drawing class at Good Samaritan Society-Waconia and Westview Acres in Waconia, MN, celebrated with a wonderful culminating event. EngAGE CEO/Founder Tim Carpenter took photos and reports: “Such an inspiring night this week in MN. Class was taught by students at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, 80 people attended the art show opening.”

Residents watch a presentation by the teaching artists about how far the students went, learning drawing from the start to the finish of the class.



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News from Park Plaza: Timeslips Storytelling and Resident Spotlight

This month, Tanya Kutukdjian, EngAGE Programs Assistant at Park Plaza Senior Apartments in North Hollywood, CA, shines the Resident Spotlight on Heather.

Heather (left) and another resident with Timeslips Storytelling Instructor Sarah Jacobus.

I did not have the pleasure of meeting Heather earlier on, because she doesn’t participate in social events. She says she participates in Yoga, because it is quiet and does not require socializing. Heather is very sweet, with a warm smile on her face every time I see her, but she says she is embarrassed to mingle with others because of her accent.

The first time I finally met Heather was a month ago when she was getting her mail, and our Storytelling Group flyer caught her eye. We proceeded to chat about the group and I encouraged Heather to come by and check it out. She said she would do her best.

When I didn’t see her at the next class, I thought I had lost her interest, but she proved me wrong when she showed up to our second Storytelling Group of the month. She was hesitant to participate, but hung out nearby. As she watched other residents tell their stories, she realized her accent was not such an obstacle after all.  She came and sat with Sarah and me while another resident told her story.

At first, Heather said she would briefly discuss the story prompt, as she was still not feeling comfortable with her language skills. But, once she started telling her story, she felt more comfortable and she ended up surprising herself with how well she could tell the story and maintain our interest.

She was so happy by the end of her story, she couldn’t stop smiling and saying how she came to the group prepared to be a passive participant, and she was so shocked she opened up and shared so much! We were all grateful for Heather’s courage to speak up and enjoyed her story very much. With the confidence and comfort she established, we hope she becomes a regular at our social events and groups.

~ Tanya Kutukdjian, EngAGE Programs Assistant
~ Elizabeth Sampson, Regional Programs Director


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EngAGE CEO/Founder Tim Carpenter and Stanton Fellows at JACCC

EngAGE CEO/Founder Tim Carpenter checked in on Friday with great photos and this comment about the Stanton Fellowship cohort meeting he attended at the Japanese Cultural and Community Center in downtown Los Angeles: “Beautiful day, beautiful people, my friend Leslie Ito [President and CEO of the JACCC] is simply a force of nature for good, inspired.”

JACCC: Japanese Cultural and Community Center

George J. Doizaki Gallery at JACCC. Leslie A. Ito is the President & CEO of the JACCC.

James Irvine Japanese Garden, also known as Seiryu-en or “Garden of the Clear Stream,” at JACCC.

From Claire Peeps, Executive Director of the Durfee Foundation which awards the Stanton Fellowships: “Yesterday I was privileged to witness something very special. The woman in the middle is the daughter of a former US Ambassador to Japan, the first to be posted in Hiroshima immediately after WWII. The woman was sent to school there as a young girl, and was the only non-Japanese student. When the family left in 1955, her parents were given a gift of a special tea bowl, wrapped in fabric and placed inside an engraved wooden box, tied with leather ribbon. The box was opened yesterday for the first time, and the Ambassador’s daughter was served tea in a tea ceremony, using that bowl, at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center – JACCC, where The Durfee Foundation Stanton Fellow Leslie Ito has created a program to revitalize the tea ceremony for younger generations and those from different cultural backgrounds. The Ambassador’s daughter used the occasion yesterday to donate her bowl to JACCC in honor of Leslie’s work, and the ceremony was presided over by a Tea Master from Japan, pictured on the right. It was incredibly moving. Later in the day we were treated to a sake toast using beautiful ceramic cups owned by the Ito family.”

Located in the JACCC building, U-Space is a collaborative effort between Brad Ranola and Cary Hitsman of Anacapa ʻUkulele, Blues-ʻUkulele artist and educator, Jason Arimoto, Six-time grammy award-winner, Daniel Ho, and the Japanese American Cultural Community Center (JACCC). U-Space is a coffee shop, a music school (with a heavy emphasis on ʻUkulele), and a retail ʻUkulele store all in one location. U-Space is focused on building community through music and ʻUkulele.

Backstage at the Aratani Theater at JACCC.

Nearby, LA Artcore is dedicated to recognizing diverse artistic accomplishments and bringing innovative exhibits and events to the public. LA Artcore welcomes artists of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to enhance interactions between different constituencies.



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News from Cantabria/Asturias: English as a Second Language

This month, we are featuring the ESL (English as a Second Language) Class taught by Lisa Cirincinione at Cantabria Senior Apartments and Asturias Senior Apartments in Panorama City, CA.

A recent class focused on how to have conversations about making purchases at the grocery store or any other shop — asking about the prices/the cost of something, and how to respond. They also talked about countable and uncountable nouns. For example, apples are countable, but milk is not, and how this affects the verb that you use.

They learned vocabulary such as loaf, container, box, package, carton, as well as the difference between how much and how many. They wrote recipes, and role-played conversations with cashiers and store clerks. In terms of pronunciation, they focused on the final /t/ and /n/ sounds. Many non-native speakers tend to cut off the ends of their words.

One moment that was particularly triumphant involved seeing a student from Nicaragua, who came to class last year with literally no English skills, helping another student from Uzbekistan with her verb tenses. The more veteran student was able to walk her through it and they both felt extremely proud of themselves.

~ Elizabeth Sampson, Regional Program Director


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