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Museums Free-for-All Day: Sunday, January 28th

Dozens of local museums invite visitors to attend free of charge on this special day. See the complete list here. This offer is for general museum admission only and does not apply to specially ticketed exhibitions. Regular parking fees apply at … Continue reading

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Baltimore Star-Gazer Shares the Sky on a Street Corner

“If you’ve ever visited the Fells Point neighborhood on the Baltimore waterfront, you may have noticed an older man standing on the street corner, telescope in hand. Herman Heyn [84], self-proclaimed ‘star hustler,’ has been setting up in the same … Continue reading

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William Borucki: Kepler Planet-Hunting Visionary Retires

“The driving force behind NASA’s prolific planet-hunting Kepler mission is retiring, ending a 53-year career with the space agency. Bill Borucki came up with the idea for the Kepler observatory in the early 1980s and continued championing the concept through … Continue reading

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Christmas Research Papers Tackle Goofy Problems in Medicine

This year’s British Medical Journal holiday issue includes an investigation of old magazines in waiting rooms and finds that men can be idiots. “The findings, published in the Christmas issue of the British Journal of Medicine, may not seem like … Continue reading

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Steven Politis: Retired Engineer, Advanced Math Tutor

“Remember all those lunar experiments astronaut Neil Armstrong had to carry out after he took mankind’s first steps on the moon and planted the American flag? Politis was on the elite team of engineers that developed them at Northrop Grumman. … Continue reading

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NASA Recruiter Nichelle Nichols

From the late 1970’s until the late 1980’s, NASA employed “Star Trek” actor Nichelle Nichols to recruit new astronaut candidates. Many of her new recruits were women or members of racial and ethnic minorities. And now, she’s back with NASA … Continue reading

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Physicist Dr. Peter Higgs of the Higgs Boson Particle

“It was in 1964 that Dr. Higgs, then a 35-year old assistant professor at the University of Edinburgh, predicted the existence of a new particle — now known as the Higgs boson, or the ‘God particle’ — that would explain … Continue reading

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“Amazing Randi” Is Subject of New Documentary

James Randi, 86, is not just a well-known magician, he’s also a famous fraud-buster. He has been debunking telepaths, spoonbenders, and faith healers for decades, and now he is the subject of a new documentary. Randi has won a MacArthur Foundation genius … Continue reading

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Astronomer Frank Drake Searches for Life Among the Stars

From National Geographic: Astronomer Frank Drake helped found the science of astrobiology in the 1960s by searching for radio broadcasts from alien civilizations. Now 84, he’s got a new target: flashes from alien light sources. “We know how to do … Continue reading

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SETI Researcher Jill Tarter

Jill Tarter, 70, is in the news again, thanks to the success of the reboot of “Cosmos,” with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Tarter was the inspiration for the character of Ellie, the protagonist in Contact, the book by Carl Sagan. We posted about … Continue reading

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