News from NoHo SAC: James Storm Mini Art Show 2/6

Mini Art Show

James Storm: With Love

NOHO Senior Arts Colony residents with their pets!

Reception: February 6th at 6 p.m. in the NOHO SAC Lounge

Photo by Alexis Rhone Fancher

Jim Storm is a photographer living in Los Angeles. Over the past several years he has been travelling and photographing people on the move, riding in Greyhound buses, exploring the northwestern states of Montana, North and South Dakota, with a little Nebraska thrown in on the side.

Jim started making photos for this show because he thought it would be fun, but as he worked on the project, he discovered something more meaningful: “What strikes me foremost about doing this, seeing the final results, and coming through this process to achieve these final results, is that every single image shows the commitment and undying love that people feel for their pets. It struck me how important their lives are, with that love and understanding, and how committed people are to the welfare of these animals. The more I worked, the more I came to realize that these relationship are by far a two-way road, and what is felt by the owner is returned by their pets. It was a wonderful thing to see.”









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