News from Cotton’s Point: Spotlight on Artist Resident Georgia

As a child, Georgia was always coloring on walls. In fact one day, her mother came into the room to see black paint all over the walls made by creating a stencil out of her footprint. Even though she went to school for Health Education, Georgia was interested in designing walls using plaster. Her international trips to Italy and Hong Kong inspired her, and she cultivated her talent. After teaching Modern Masters classes in L.A., she decided to create faux walls in homes and businesses. Through the years, she did magnificent faux walls in the homes of Clint Eastwood, Lionel Richie, and Marc Cherry.

Georgia came to Cotton’s Point in San Clemente, CA, last summer to help take care of her mother, Barbara. She has struggled to find the right living setting for her mother, who suffers from the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Georgia has taken an active role in making sure her mother engages in activities and gets the most out of her life each day. Her mother enjoys participating in the EngAGE programming at Cotton’s Point.

One day, Georgia brought her mother to an art class and noticed that her mother had the same interest and talent. This art class inspired Georgia to share her own art experience and skill to help her mother get more involved in her own community.

Georgia invited residents to the community room to paint rocks so they could participate in the San Clemente Rocks event, an ongoing activity in which the residents paint rocks, then hide them for others to discover. Each Thursday, the group gathered and worked on the rock painting for hours. Residents’ curiosity resulted in strong participation and there was much excitement around the property.

One class led to more classes for Georgia. Currently, she is volunteering her time teaching two art classes each week. The community room is packed with new artists who are motivated to explore art and are discovering their own hidden talents.

Georgia is now pulling her art materials out of storage to share with the residents. She is very excited about volunteering her time at Cotton’s Point. The residents embrace her enthusiasm, patience, and creativity. They look forward to sharing their work next spring in an Art Celebration event.

Thank you, Georgia!

~ Jennifer Fallon, Program Director


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