News from Andalucia and Cantabria/Asturias: Spotlight on Musical Residents

From Andalucia Senior Apartments in Panorama City, CA: The Bakers, Jarome and his wife Carole, write a song and sing at the Community Cup event in September every year. They look forward to this day all year long and are so excited to show everyone the lyrics they’ve come up with, starting as early as Christmas! They sing a capella with a lot of heart. They earnestly want to share their love and their feelings about love and kindness with the world, and everyone in the audience appreciated that.

From Cantabria/Asturias Senior Apartments in Panorama City, CA: Corinta (Cory) and Raphael Izquierdo are from Mexico and go back there often to visit family. Raphael plays the piano and Cory sings. For their performance at the Community Cup event, Cory sang a beautiful Mexican love song.

While waiting to go on, you can see his calm support of her, and you can see her nerves. Then the performance begins.

And here she is singing – so lovely.

~ Elizabeth Sampson, Regional Program Director


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