News from Park Plaza: Singing, Dancing, Piano Concert + Resident Spotlight

Every few months, Programs Assistant Tanya will book Vrezh to come and play at Park Plaza Senior Apartments in North Hollywood, CA.

He is absolutely delightful and JUST what the residents at Park Plaza respond to. He speaks their language, he knows their songs and he is able to – unlike anyone else – whip them into a frenzy of singing and dancing.

The residents at Park Plaza are NEVER as alive and festive as when Vrezh is there.

Focus on Resident “Ovsanna”

~ From Tanya Kutukdjian, Programs Assistant at Park Plaza

This month’s spotlight is on Ovsanna. She is a regular bingo group member, and up until last week, that’s all she participated in. She would sit in the lobby during our performances and not want to join the crowd and engage in any dancing or socializing. On Monday, during Vrezh’s music and dance night, she not only came and sat with a group of residents, she danced the night away. It was such a pleasant surprise, even the other residents loudly and joyfully cheered her on as she hit the dance floor with Vrezh.
She participated in several dances with him as well as other residents and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so happy and proud of herself. I know this was a huge step for her and she felt accomplished. I’m sure she will look forward  even more to our events now as an active participant rather than an observer.
It was also very nice to see the residents support and encourage her with such genuine kindness and compassion. (Ovsanna is on the left).

~Elizabeth Sampson, Regional Program Director


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