Welcome to the Team: Tracy Freeburg

EngAGE is delighted to welcome TRACY FREEBURG to our team! Tracy joined EngAGE in 2015 as a Program Assistant  (a position she holds now at Cotton’s Point Senior Apartments in San Clemente, CA), and she has recently been named Program Director at Tavarua Senior Apartments in Carlsbad, CA.

Tracy is an Iowa native, but being married to a US Marine has given her the opportunity to live in many different locations. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Leisure Services with a minor emphasis in non-profit organizations, from the University of Northern Iowa. She has held positions planning events for the Fiesta Bowl, teaching fitness classes at the YMCA, and serving as an x-ray technician and medical assistant.

Tracy and her husband have three young boys named Jakob, Kael, and Myles. In her free time she likes spending time with family, exercising, and enjoying the beautiful Southern California weather and beaches. She appreciates the opportunity to get to know the amazing residents at the EngAGE communities she serves.


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