News from Cotton’s Point: Art Show and Afternoon Tea

On October 11th the residents of Cotton’s Point Senior Apartments in San Clemente, CA, celebrated their art with an afternoon tea.

Artist Christine Barone taught a three month “Art for Healing” workshop. Participants immersed themselves in a class that encouraged them to make art based on their emotions, resulting in work that ranged from abstract paintings to collage. For their culminating event, attendees shared their work with the Cotton’s Point community.

Additionally, residents have been meeting twice a week, quilting, painting, and crafting. They did more than proudly display their finished products; their enthusiasm and dedication was clearly exhibited, too.

Everyone enjoyed tea sandwiches and dessert while viewing the beautiful show. The appreciation and smiles of viewers were noted by all. The 2017 Cotton’s Point art show was a success!

~ Tracy Freeburg and Jennifer Fallon, Program Directors


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