News from North Hollywood Senior Arts Colony: New Talents, New Challenges

At NoHo SAC in North Hollywood, CA, we are delighted to have as residents so many talented individuals who are constantly discovering new skills and challenging themselves to do something they are not used to doing. Below is a story from one of our residents, Sylvia, recently published in the “Chit Chat” column of the monthly resident newsletter. She was so pleased to have it published that she said:

Dear fellow NOHO residents,
A hearty “Thank You” to all who have commented on and complimented me on my submitted story to the newsletter. 
At  my age (89), my Bucket List item, “write and share my life experiences,” is being fulfilled.
 I am blessed and grateful.

Again, Thank You ,

We would like to ask you now, when is the last time you challenged yourself to try something new?

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~ Sara Debevic, Program Director


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