EngAGE Classes Help Residents with Tech Challenges

In an article entitled, “Technology Is Not Friendly to the Elderly,” writer Janice Broughton, MD, opines the difficulties older people face when they’re introduced to high tech devices: “Computers, at their best, make our worlds larger and extend the capacity of our minds. This is just what we need as we get older. But computers, with their infernal passwords and vulnerabilities to security breaches, their little bitty buttons and sometimes tiny screens, their failing wireless modems and misleading advertising, are making the old feel older.”

To deal with the varied challenges that technology poses (and not just to older people!), residents at many of our communities get the benefit of access to computers and Tech Classes that help with learning how to use them, as well as other devices like tablets and smart phones.

Metro Hollywood


Metro Compton



~ Photos: Regional Program Directors Meloney Morse, Sandra Vargas, and Alma Wright


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