News from La Coruña: ESL

Lisa Cirincione is the teacher the ESL (English as a Second Language) class at La Coruña Senior Apartments in Van Nuys, CA. This month they have been working on vocabulary about travel and different landscapes around the world. They learned about arid landscapes versus humid landscapes, scorching landscapes versus frigid landscapes. Lisa chose six different diverse places on the globe and the students designed a vacation for each of these locations — what types of activities would be offered, what sites, what cuisine and the accommodations. They learned to ask and answer questions about the different locations. For pronunciation, they worked on the difference between /t/ and /th/ and between /s/ and /sh/.

Instructor Lisa with James (from Kenya)

One of the great moments of the month was having the students do presentations about their home countries. They talked about the landscape and culture, and also the history of their country. It was great fun to see students from Mexico asking questions about the history and culture of Kenya, and learning, and vice-versa. The students had so much pride in sharing their culture.

~ Elizabeth Sampson, Regional Program Director


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