News from Andalucía and La Coruña: Flashback to the Fourth

Fourth of July BBQ and Line Dancing

We had a ho-down! Road Theatre Company member and professional choreographer Jessica Wierzba came in to teach the residents some Line Dancing.

Elizabeth bought cowboy hats for everyone and they were greeted with a hat at the door, which, once donned, put them officially in the mood for some flattened, scorched cattle meat and a couple of knee-slapping, “Yee-Haaas!”

Jessica and Programs Assistant Brian Cole, tearing up the floor.

While we were dancing in the cool, air-conditioned community room, Andalucía Manager Louis Perla was outside in the 97 degree heat, cooking up hamburgers and hot dogs for the crowd.

A sea of white hats – I guess they are all “Good Guys.”

Having fun.

The day ended with a cake and singing “Happy Birthday” to the Manager of La Coruna, Kea Kane.

~ Elizabeth Sampson, Regional Program Director


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