News from Magnolia @ Highland: “Magnolia Centerpieces” Community Cup Entry

The Artists’ Round Table Community Cup Art Entry:Magnolia Centerpieces
(polymer clay flowers, fabric vases)

The EngAGE Community Cup is this Saturday, September 16th, at Cerritos Park East!

Members of The Artists’ Round Table at The Magnolia @ Highland in San Bernardino, CA, always get excited about competing in the annual EngAGE Community Cup. They put a lot of thought, time, and effort into the big project they decide on every year. This year, the group wanted to make sure they could display their Community Cup project in their own community room long after the big event was over. So, they set out to make these very special centerpieces to display on each of the nine tables in the room.

Back in January, they started making vases out of plastic soda bottles, newspaper, and fabric. As soon as they were done with the vases, they got started on making hundreds of petals and leaves using polymer clay — a painstaking, delicate process that took months to complete. Putting the magnolia flowers together was difficult, too, but they were excited to do it.

Ownership and pride in their work and the community they live in is what drives these residents to stick with such long, challenging projects. They always encourage each other, take plenty of pictures, and love getting the praise and recognition from their friends and neighbors along the way!

The Artists’ Round Table: Deborah Merriweather, Dolores Hayes, Edna Atlas, JoAnn Moore, Marjorie Melton, Marie Carter, Maxine Henderson, Rose Mary Shavers,Wilhelmina Evans

~ Alma Wright, Regional Program Director


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  1. Ever James says:

    This looks like a fun and enjoyable project! Kudos to the ladies and their dedication.

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