News from Long Beach Senior Arts Colony: “The ABCs of Me” Book Project

The Art Makers at LBSAC in Long Beach, CA, are beginning a bookmaking project that is a poetic scrapbook of associations. The book opens with an “I am” poem that is a self-reflection of emotions and experiences. It is a rather abstract concept, so a few of the students are still thinking/working on it. This is perfect because they are considering how they wish to express their identity. The basic structure of the book is based on its title, “The ABCs of Me.” The artists are going through each letter of the alphabet and a word is chosen, then depicted via a different medium. “A” used watercolors and “B” will be a relief print. “C” will be a collage, and the process will continue through a variety of art forms. Once they have depicted all the letters, the artists will go back in with more poetry to describe the letter and imagery.

~ Helene Weinberg, Program Director


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