News from NoHo: How Our Brains Work

On Thursday, Dr. Ravi Rao captivated and wowed residents at NoHo Senior Arts Colony, in North Hollywood, CA, with his exceptional presentation which explored facts about how our brains work. Intelligent discussions arose from questions posed by our curious residents and the room was filled with wonder.

In a society where we are taught to hide our emotions from an early age, Dr. Rao stressed the importance of love and compassion in our daily interactions. We found out interesting things such as that hearing and smell are located very close to the part of our brain that is connected to our emotions, whereas sight is very much separated from our emotions. We talked about how toddlers learn most of what they know in their early years through emotions, not language, and we also learned about the different emotional tribes that humans belong to:

1. the celebrating achievers

2. the ones thriving in peace and harmony

3. the nurturing mentors

4. the ones driven by imagination

5. the ones who make sure everyone is included in a situation

6. the ones who inspire

7. the ones who show gratitude to the people and world around them

8. the ones who value having fun

9. the true friends who enjoy helping their friends in need

Which tribe do you belong to?

Dr. Rao is a Los Angeles based, globally known expert in the application of emotional neuroscience to corporate environments. He has supported organizations in entertainment, retail apparel, financial services, and life sciences in making transformative change. He was trained at Johns Hopkins and the University of Virginia, and was a pediatric neurosurgery resident at the Children’s Hospital of Boston, where he received the Award for Excellence in Teaching of Surgery from Harvard Medical School in 2000.

You can learn more about Dr. Rao’s work by reading his book, Emotional Business: Inspiring Human Connectedness to Grow Earnings and the Economy.

~ Sara Debevic, Program Director





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