The First Annual EngAGE Community Cup: September 16th

EngAGE, Inc., proudly announces the presentation of its first annual Community Cup event! Created and managed by EngAGE, the Community Cup (formerly the EngAGE Senior Olympics) will be an annual Fall event that provides a healthful, outdoor experience through spirited athletic competitions and shared enjoyment for the residents of our EngAGE communities in Southern California.

The day will include not only competitive sporting events and various games played for prizes, but also music, entertaining performances from some of our talented residents, and a delicious lunch. At the end of the day, we’ll wrap up with the presentation of the championship trophy, our EngAGE Community Cup, to the community that scores the most points in the athletic competitions. Each of the attendees also will receive a commemorative t-shirt that celebrates their participation in the event.

Twenty-three of our Southern California communities will be participating in this first annual Community Cup. The entire event, including transportation, meals, and musical entertainment, is provided to the participants at no charge. All costs are met by EngAGE, our partners, and sponsors.

We look forward to many years of Community Cup events!

To volunteer or contribute, please contact!


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  1. Severina Britto says:

    Congrats to Long,Beach Senior Arts Colony for winning the 1st Community Cup

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