News from La Coruña: Summer Culminating Event for Knitting Class

Craig has been teaching Needlecraft at La Coruña Senior Apartments in Van Nuys, CA, since the fall.

He keeps bits of his students’ yarn on his key chain so that when he goes to the yarn store, he can match their projects to more skeins.

Craig is taking the next month off to teach at an Arts community in Idyllwild, so we decided to have a “showing” of their work to the building and anyone else who wanted to come.

Here are two of his students, Maria and Iziz, filling the table with the hats, blankets, doilies, and scarves that they have made since studying with Craig.




Iziz was a science teacher in Egypt for most of her life, but now she lives at La Coruña and loves it. Here she is modeling one of the hats she made. The matching cape is on the display table.

The students all clearly like each other tremendously, and you can see the bonding that has happened between them as they sit and stitch. Craig is very good about bringing in new designs for them to try and the ladies are very good about finishing their projects.

The knitters have formed a lovely, loving, and prodigiously productive group. We will start up classes again later in the summer.

~ Elizabeth Sampson, Regional Program Director



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