Older Artists in the Art World

EngAGE Southern California Board Member Robert T. Wang, Ph.D., M.D., kindly called our attention to the first link on this list about a gallery in New York that represents only artists over the age of 60. That inspired a search for more interesting articles and posts about older artists active in today’s art world. There are many; here’s a small selection:

At a Chelsea Art Gallery, an Age Requirement: Over 60 Only

David Hockney’s Home City Bradford Gives Him a Gallery for 80th Birthday

“You Become Better with Age” – Artists who are going strong at 80 and up find that old age offers freedom, self-assurance, and room to explore

Esther Mahlangu Is Keeping Africa’s Ndebele Painting Alive

Why Old Women Have Replaced Young Men as the Art World’s Darlings

Is This a Golden Age for Older Artists?

For Betye Saar, there’s no dwelling on the past; the almost-90-year-old artist has too much future to think about

A 101-Year-Old Artist Finally Gets Her Due at the Whitney

John Outterbridge: Assembling a Movement


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