Photos from the Magnolia at Highland Art Show

This was the culmination of 2 courses taught by CSUSB art students in the last 7 weeks. A beginning painting class, and a “Reflection Project” in which each student was challenged to think about how they see themselves vs. how society sees them, and then create a mirror with their own perceptions represented in it.

We had a great turnout with friends and neighbors coming and going throughout the afternoon. The featured resident artists were proud to see their work on display and a slideshow of their time in class on the big screen. Some were even happy to tell their guests all about their process. They received certificates from their teachers, and shared their gratitude for the entire experience. Everyone enjoyed the food and each others’ company.

I personally can’t thank CSUSB enough for their continued support and willingness to come back every year. Their Art Instruction Dept. always seems to find outstanding students who are excited to teach and learn from our seniors. This was a very strong group and the residents took it all in and made the best of their short time with them.

~ Alma Wright, Regional Program Director



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  1. admin says:

    We were happy to receive this email:

    Hi Alma and all,

    Thank you so much for inviting CSUSB Community-based Art to EngAGE for the past three years! We are so happy to have found such a warm and welcoming partner in your and the seniors at EngAGE. These images are fantastic and show the collaborative spirit of the project and the way that everyone’s creativity and contributions are valued. We look forward to a long and fun partnership with you and everyone at EngAGE. Congratulations and thanks to our Teaching Artists this term, Fabby, Megan, Joanna, and Julia, who all did a fantastic job. The artwork – and the smiles and shared learning – on view in these images is wonderful and shows what a great term you all had. Thank you and warmest wishes for a happy weekend.

    All best,

    Annie Buckley
    Associate Professor, CSUSB
    Founder / Director, Community-based Art

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