Featured Resident Artist: Kailas Dave, Burbank Senior Artists Colony

We have many talented, creative residents living in our EngAGE communities. Here’s one from BSAC.

Kailas Dave
Artist: Watercolors class, Sketching/Painting class, Clay Jewelry class/teacher

I always liked to draw and create art from about the age of eight or nine.

On my sixteenth birthday, my father bought me an art supply set which included watercolor paint and some brushes. I experimented but did not find that it was so easy. So I joined classes for one or two months. However, after finishing high school, I attended a science college and I had no time to attend art classes.

What I had learned did prove useful.  I drew botanical and zoological specimens and later I participated in a biology exhibition where I painted animals and plants.

I entered medical school at the age of eighteen. There I drew more and managed to do some color pencil renditions of human anatomy, pathology specimens, and so on. But no real water colors were used.

During my summer vacations and when ever got time, I did return to painting.

Later, I did my residency in Pediatrics. I worked In India, my birth country, and moved to England as a Pediatrician. My work there was busy, too.

I moved to USA in 1984 where I was required to do my residency again after certain passing necessary examinations. I had to pass my Board exams, while working as a Pediatrician.  I also was raising two children, which left me very little time for any artistic pursuits.

After forty years of working as a practicing pediatrician, I retired and moved to Burbank in 2014.

When I found out about the art classes offered at the BSAC like watercolor paintings, I was delighted and joined different classes. At one stage I had the opportunity to teach drawing to the other residents of the colony. I’ve also enjoyed classes in jewelry and have taken part in plays as well.

Besides watercolor paintings, I’ve also begun to learn oil painting in the past year. I have completed about ten to twelve oil paintings by now. Some have been displayed in exhibitions conducted by the Burbank Art Association and Burbank Artists Colony shows.

I hope I continue to paint and create crafts for activity and enjoyment. It keeps my brain active and makes me feel good! I love the classes at BSAC they have brought me so much joy and creativity.


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