News from La Coruña and Andalucia: Yoga Class

La Coruña resident enjoying yoga class.


Susan Diol is the yoga instructor at two Southern California EngAGE communities: La Coruña Senior Apartments in Van Nuys and Andalucia Senior Apartments in Panorama City.  At La Coruña, she has built a steady stream of new residents joining her class. She has a calm voice and demeanor, and gets to know everyone. They greet her warmly and give her their all. She starts the class with chanting, and ends the class with shoulder rubs and singing.




In these photos you get a sense of the range of mobility and also the commitment of the residents.




Susan’s Yoga Class at Analucia has brought out a new group of participants; only one of them speaks any English at all, but they all enjoy the community of the class and the relaxation of the yoga practice.

Elizabeth Sampson, Regional Program Director

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