“The Artfully Aging Radio Hour” Minneapolis Performance Set to Air on 3/12 on Experience Talks

“The Artfully Aging Radio Hour” performers on stage at Pillsbury House + Theatre in Minneapolis.

“The Artfully Aging Radio Hour” will be broadcast on EngAGE’s weekly radio show, Experience Talks, on Sunday, March 12th @ 5 PM PT on 90.7 KPFK-FM Los Angeles and streaming live at www.kpfk.org. “The Artfully Aging Radio Hour” is the culminating performance of a unique story-telling class for seniors, created as a collaboration between EngAGE, CommonBond Communities, Pillsbury House + Theatre, Hippocrates Café, and Aroha Philanthropies.

Click here for a 3-minute video preview!

Teaching Artist T. Mychael Rambo

“The Power of Storytelling” was the first program offered by EngAGE in Minnesota, in partnership with CommonBond Communities at the Riverview Senior Apartments in Minneapolis. The class explored the power of personal storytelling and was taught by T. Mychael Rambo, a regional Emmy Award-winning actor, vocalist, arts educator, and community organizer. This collaboration at Riverview Senior Housing centered around the premise that embracing a whole-person approach to creative and healthy aging can be extremely beneficial to the health and well-being of seniors – specifically by providing arts, wellness, lifelong learning, and intergenerational programs to seniors living in affordable apartment communities.

Actor Shawn Judge

The class, held over 12 weeks, worked toward producing two performances to be recorded for radio broadcast/podcast and performed before a live audience. The resultant shows featured storytelling pieces crafted during the class, with seniors sharing their valuable lifelong personal experiences. Actors (including instructor T. Mychael) were called in to perform the pieces created by students who declined to appear on-stage.

Host Jon Hallberg, MD

“The Artfully Aging Radio Hour” was co-directed by Pillsbury House + Theatre’s Faye Price, and instructor T. Mychael Rambo. Dr. Jon Hallberg of the Hippocrates Café served as host of the event.

EngAGE is a non-profit that transforms aging and the way people think about aging by turning affordable senior apartment communities into vibrant centers of wellness and creativity. It provides arts, wellness, lifelong learning, community building, and intergenerational programs to senior and family apartment communities in Southern California; Portland, OR; and now in Minneapolis, MN.

Experience Talks is a weekly public radio program that shares and celebrates the experiences of older people.

CommonBond Communities, the Midwest’s largest nonprofit provider of affordable housing with services, has served the region for over 40 years. It is considered a national leader and innovator in the affordable housing and community development field.

Pillsbury House + Theatre is a popular venue that attracts local and national attention as a model for arts-based community development, bridging the non-profit theatre world and the human service world.

Hippocrates Cafe uses actors and musicians to create performances that explore health care topics through story and song.

Aroha Philanthropies is devoted to the transformative power of the arts and creativity, inspiring vitality in those over 55.


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