News from La Coruña: Holiday Singalong Party

The residents of La Coruña Senior Apartments in Van Nuys, CA, have been coming to the Holiday Singalong Party for 3 years. Louahn Lowe on piano and Theo Stevens on sax provide the entertainment of mixed secular and non-secular songs.

Programs Assistant Brian Cole playing with lights. Looking like an elf.


Regional Program Director Elizabeth Sampson makes Holiday Singalong Books so that everyone can join in the lyrics and sing out with commitment.

She also makes a special hot cider (secret ingredients are Apple Juice, Honey, Cloves, Cinnamon Sticks, sliced/crushed Oranges and a dash of Holiday Spirit), platters of cookies, festive napkins and decorations, and for the next hour, all are immersed in a musical interlude both joyous and tender. Even caregivers who say they are just there to support their resident, eventually ask for a songbook and join in the musicale. It has become tradition at all of Elizabeth’s properties, and an evening everyone looks forward to all year.

~ Elizabeth Sampson, Regional Program Director


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