AARP Funds EngAGE Business Model White Paper

EngAGE thanks AARP for their important grant of $26,500 to develop a white paper on policy on how to replicate our model and make a business case for intergenerational and arts-and-aging programming in affordable housing in America. The paper is sponsored by AARP’s Office of Policy Development and Integration.

EngAGE takes a whole-person approach to creative and healthy aging by providing arts, wellness, lifelong learning, community building, and intergenerational programs to thousands of seniors living in affordable senior apartment communities. Our programming focuses on the combination of mind, body, and spirit to promote active engagement and independent living, and to provide seniors with a purpose in life.

We have recently expanded to serve not only Southern California, but also Portland, OR, and Minneapolis, MN. This white paper will significantly impact our ability to share the EngAGE model in other locations.


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2 Responses to AARP Funds EngAGE Business Model White Paper

  1. Great news. I am waiting for you to come to Massachusetts and build a senior arts colony, could become the center for spreading EngAGE model in the East.

  2. Helene Weinberg says:

    This is wonderful news and thank you, AARP! I am proud to be part of the EngAGE team as the Creative Programs Director at the Long Beach Senior Arts Colony. I have witnessed how senior lives are transformed through active aging programs.

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