Journalist Matt Perry Expands “Aging with Dignity” Coverage

Matt Perry with Maria Shriver. Matt was the Creative Director for the roast / toast of Arnold Schwarzenegger before he left office, and this was taken after the event.

From EngAGE Founder and Executive Director Tim Carpenter:

One of the few reporters in the nation devoted to aging issues, for the past five years Matt Perry has celebrated the successful people and programs in aging — including EngAGE — while challenging existing stereotypes and bureaucratic bungles. His expanded coverage, “Aging With Dignity,” in the California Health Report, begins next year and includes videos, expert opinion pieces, “What We’re Reading,” and social media engagement.

Sign up here to receive his weekly newsletter.  It just takes a few seconds. Matt is a very talented journalist and writer, a friend and colleague, and I couldn’t recommend his work more highly.


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