Flashback Friday: Andalucia, La Coruña, Cantabria/Asturias, and Park Plaza Celebrate Halloween

We may be immersed in the December holidays, but let’s take a look back at some of the Halloween fun at several of our EngAGE properties: Andalucia, La Coruña and Cantabria/Asturias in Panorama City, and Park Plaza in North Hollywood, CA.

Andalucia had a Halloween Party where the Olympians came with their medals.  In addition, they had a costume party with prizes. EngAGE and the managers of Andalucia always work closely together on parties and holiday events. The buildings combine on occasion and this time La Coruña came over to the Andalucia building for a shared communal event. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

Cantabria/Asturias had a Halloween Party where the art students in Polet Zargarian’s art class brought their drawings and paintings to share with the other residents. The artwork was extremely well-received. EngAGE Regional Programs Director Elizabeth Sampson spoke to three of the ladies about their history with art and none of them had ever taken a class before in their lives. They got MANY compliments and you could see how pleased they were. In addition, they had a costume party with prizes. As always, EngAGE and the managers of Cantabria/Asturias, Maria and Jamie,  worked closely together on this special event.

Park Plaza had a Halloween Party with a lavish lunch provided by WSH Management, and desserts and decorations provided by EngAGE. EngAGE art teacher, Polet Zargarian, came in her “Snow White” costume to decorate the property. It was an extravaganza of spider webs, sparkly pumpkins, silver spiders and ghoulish fun.

The residents of Park Plaza love their culture’s food and always bring all sorts of Armenian and Russian dishes to the party. There were pickled beets and rice dishes, home-made honeyed pastries and cream-puffs. It was a glorious coming together of tastes and cultures, with Polet beaming beautifully while she lent her artistic expertise to the festivities.

~ Elizabeth Sampson, Regional Programs Director

NOTE: There’s a lot going on at EngAGE, so we have two blog posts today!


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