News from NoHoSAC & Vermont: Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

An annual tradition is underway for this holiday season! EngAGE, The Road Theatre, and NoHoSAC residents make it happen.


Approximately 70 gifts for children will be wrapped and delivered to the Vermont Senior Apartments, along with gift cards for the teens. The manager of Vermont, Jaime, is providing EngAGE with an updated list of children, their ages and genders for Santa to consider when handing out the gifts. Yes, Santa himself will be there! EngAGE C.A.O. Nancy Goodhart will be there, too, to take photos.

We can’t wait to show you pictures from this year’s event, which is coming up in just a couple of weeks, but meanwhile, here are some photos of EngAGE Regional Programs Director and Road Theatre actor Elizabeth Sampson as she was preparing for last year’s celebration. Elizabeth was instrumental in making the connection with The Road Theatre and getting their generous support for this project.


Elizabeth with “Roadies” Tom Knickerbocker, Carole Goldman, and Kara Hume wrapping.

vermont-4 vermont-3

And why do we have this celebration? This is why:

vermont-5 vermont-6 vermont-7

Thanks, everyone!


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