NoHoSAC and BSAC Poets Shared Their Work at a Reading

Poets-WritersThanks to two generous grants from Poets & Writers,  poet Oshea Perry taught a series of nine workshops and held a reading at both the Burbank Senior Artists Colony and the North Hollywood Senior Arts Colony, with the BSAC class joining the NoHoSAC group for an extra session each week.

The theme for the most recent EngAGE Poetry workshops was “Legacies of Stories.” Senior writers created poems that reflect history, both individually and collectively, and all who attended the class found poetry to be a very cathartic medium as they draw from their personal experiences. The workshops were so encouraging that some of the attendees have started venturing out to open mic events to share their work.

Nine students participated in the workshop’s culminating event, held on Thursday, Nov. 17th, in the beautiful theater at NoHo SAC. After being congratulated for the spirit of collaboration between these two communities, each student read two original pieces created and developed in class. Poems read were triggered by memories of childhood, deaths, and past political campaigns. An enthusiastic audience included residents, family members and other guests. A wine and cheese reception, held afterward in the art studio, went on for another two hours after the reading. Congratulations to all!

Click here to learn more about Oshea Perry, the students, and the workshops that Poets & Writers sponsor for EngAGE.


~ Nancy Goodhart, EngAGE C.A.O. and Robin Hart, EngAGE Development Manager



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