Worth Repeating: Michael Graves: Good Design Empowers Patients

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WORTH-REPEATINGFrom Wired Science:

Michael Graves lost his ability to walk in 2003 when a sinus infection infiltrated his nervous system, impairing his spinal cord. As he learned to navigate the world from his wheelchair, Graves noticed that places meant to empower patients, like rehab centers and hospitals, weren’t.

He felt powerless in rehab when he couldn’t reach the faucet to brush his teeth or the outlet to plug in his shaver. Everything about the room was designed for people who could stand. Since then, the award-winning architect has been on a mission to revamp hospital furnishings and living spaces so they fit the patients, families and medical staff who use them.

“I decided that since I was a designer, and architect and a patient, I have the credentials to do this,” Graves said Oct. 15 . . . at the inaugural Wired Health Conference.

Learn more about Michael Graves Design here. Learn more about his partnership with Stryker Medical Division here.


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