EngAGE Visits Friendly House in Portland, OR

EngAGE Chief Administrative Officer Nancy Goodhart and Development Manager Robin Hart were in Portland, OR, to meet with staff from Friendly House, a non-profit neighborhood center and social service agency, to discuss our joint programming effort at Cascadian Terrace, EngAGE’s first community in the Portland area. In addition to conducting a two-day introduction to EngAGE programming methods, they toured Cascadian Terrace with Friendly House staff where they made recommendations on the programing schedule, and met some residents and management staff. EngAGE Founder and Executive Director Tim Carpenter was at Cascadian Terrace on September 9th to host a launch party with entertainment (see photos from that event here). ~ [Thanks to Robin Hart for providing info and photos of the meeting.]


Friendly House, a non-profit neighborhood center and social service agency in Portland, Oregon


Clockwise from left: Nicole Baker-Wagner, EngAGE Resident Service Coordinator; Mya Chamberlin, Director of Services for Seniors & Homeless Families for Friendly House; Nancy Goodhart, EngAGE Chief Administrative Officer; Denise Lafond, Operations Manager and Director of Community Recreation & Education for Friendly House


Clockwise: Robin Hart, EngAGE Development Manager; Mya and Nicole


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