News from Cotton’s Point: Mural Making

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Artists Julie Dickey and Sandy Stevens are founders of “The Passionate HeARTs” in San Clemente. They offer classes and workshops with the goal of helping people rediscover or find their lost “voices” and embrace the ability to express themselves through art. Recently, they happened to run into Jennifer Fallon, Program Coordinator at Cotton’s Point Senior Apartments, also in San Clemente. Here’s what Julie and Sandy have to say:

After meeting with Jennifer and hearing about the wonderful things EngAGE does in the community, we felt like our mission statement and vision was a perfect fit: “To practice any art, no matter how well, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.” We find these words by Kurt Vonnegut truly words to live by. There is no end to where your imagination can take you, whether you think you’re creative or not. With Jennifer it took us to a series of classes with the residents at Cotton’s Point. We will be working with them to create a mural that will be shown at the EngAGE Senior Games in September.

Part of what we like to teach people is if a piece of glass or bead can stick to an object, you can have your way with it. We are also big fans of re-purposing vintage objects — doll parts (really love heads and arms!!), musical instruments, mannequins, etc. The possibility and creativity hidden in these items is our biggest challenge and we LOVE turning them into art. We are drawn to whimsical, 3-D garden art and murals, unique pieces that are out of the norm. There is much laughter, abnormality, and fun that goes into each piece we create.

What inspires us? The right side of our brains, glass (it’s alive!), color, our kids, having a voice, thinking outside the box, adding beauty anywhere we can. Sometimes it’s just as simple as paying it forward by sharing our passion and love for art with someone who thinks they aren’t creative or couldn’t be an artist, and then the giant look of surprise and satisfaction when they discover they can and are!

To learn more about Julie and Sandy’s work, please visit their website.


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