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Brave New World

At a time of troubling world events, we ask ourselves what we want our world to look like, to be, and we remind ourselves how important it is to keep our spirits high and to connect with those who remind of us of the beauty and joy of living.

Daniel Tyler Poenkhe and his wife Mai, two residents of PacArts – the San Pedro Arts Colony served by EngAGE – are deeply involved in this life-affirming work and will open it up via a live interactive theater experience called, appropriately, “Brave New World.” The show is being presented at the gorgeous, vintage Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro on Sunday, July 10th, at 5 p.m. Ticket and more information here. (Discount available through the 20th.)

International Performer and TEDx Speaker, Daniel Tyler Pohnke, has been creating Empowering Entertainment all over the world with his project, Full Moon Rising. Now back in the USA after 7 years, his interactive theater experience, “Creating a Brave New World,” is a unique fusion of music, culture, dance, multimedia, and self-development.

Recently interviewed on “LA Talk Radio!” with Sam and Cherie, on “Sam in the Morning,” and in the Hollywood Times, Daniel said, “Since we have been back in the US (from Asia, Europe and Israel), we have had a deep longing to create a performance that is both entertaining and empowering. And there’s no better way to do it than by bringing music, dance, multi-media, and practical tools that we can use every day in fun and dynamic ways.”

~ Maureen Kellen-Taylor, C.O.O.



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