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Black History Month (February):  This annual educational event is coordinated by Piedmont residents and enjoyed by all. Traditional African American cuisine is prepared and served. Event Focus: African American contributions to American music genres. At the end of the presentations, an Armenian resident asked for the microphone, and shared the African and Armenian connective experience that took place in Turkey. “Wow! Do you know, I’ve been living for 82 years and didn’t know that? I have learned so much at this event!” said an enthusiastic resident.

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Coloring Book Fun: Adult coloring books are currently very popular and have been shown to provide not only pleasure but also health benefits similar to those experienced during meditation. This resident run group is well received and provides time, space, and material to color intricate coloring book designs while enjoying conversation.

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Coffee Bar Conversation: This weekly community event provides the residents with gourmet coffee, tea, and juice while current events and community updates are discussed.  Residents gather while the Programs Director and other residents announce events, classes, meetings and other information.

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Field Trip – Active Excursions: Fitness trainer Jack Witt loves living in Los Angeles and wants to share that love with EngAGE residents. He plans field trips and takes residents of EngAGE properties on tours of local sites. In February, enthusiastic residents enjoyed welcoming the Year of the Monkey at the Chinese New Year Celebration in Chinatown.

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~ Sidni Appleseed Myles, M.P.H., Seniors Programs Director

EngAGE offers a variety of classes, workshops, and special programs at each of our communities. These posts highlight just a small sample.

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