“Neshkinukat” Art Exhibition at NoHo SAC and PacArts

We recently posted about the upcoming exhibition of contemporary Native American elder art that will open on Thursday, January 7th, at PacArts in San Pedro. (Please see the post for details.) It’s called “Neshkinukat” which means, “One Who Has Relatives,” in the Luiseno language, or, “We Are All Related,” in the Lakota way of speaking. This exhibition is a seed, a step towards  bringing Native peoples together in community, to feel pride in the elder artist/storytellers, and also to help the larger community appreciate the beauty and power in their work, and absorb the wisdom it contains. The exhibit features traditional art as well as abstract work. It was originally hosted at NoHo SAC in the fall, where it came about through one of the residents, Caroline McElroy, who is a Native American activist, elder, and teacher. Here are photos from the NoHo SAC reception. If you weren’t able to see the show then, don’t miss the “traveling exhibition” at PacArts!

~ Dr. Maureen Kellen-Taylor, C.O.O.

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  1. Connie Craig says:

    I’m trying to contact Kat for a future exhibit she mentioned to me at the ’17 CSUN pow wow. My friend and I are interested in showing. I’ll keep trying to reach her, but I’m at the info below. It looks like Carlos played the flute at this past show. Good!!!
    Connie Craig

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