Big Sunday at Vermont Senior Apartments

EngAGE C.O.O. Dr. Maureen Kellen-Taylor offers joyful seasons greetings and this report from Vermont Senior Apartments:

Big Sunday volunteers,  Kate and Maria, brought all the decorations, the tree, and many delicious treats to brighten the halls and warm the tummies at Vermont Senior Apartments. They were helped by an enthusiastic group of residents and EngAGE team members Toni Byrd and Sharon Springer. It was heartwarming to hear the excited chatter and laughter filling the lobby and greeting residents coming home from work and school. As the front door opened, time after time surprised residents smiled with pleasure at the welcoming sight.

Kate and Maria are friends and when asked why they volunteered, they each replied, “We like working together; it’s fun!”  Maria said, “I’ve lived here in LA all my life and it is my way of giving back.” Kate echoed both of their feelings with, “This is how I connect with a bigger family!”

Thank you, Kate and Maria, from all of us! Thank you, Big Sunday, for connecting us!

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Sharon Springer and Friends


Kate and Maria



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