NoHo SAC: “Class of 1898 – Old School Improv” on Wednesday, November 11th

An invitation from EngAGE Creative Programs Director Amanda Talbot:

It is lovely when a seed you sow grows into something magical. When I first started working for EngAGE as the Creative Programs Director, I wanted to bring my experience of Second City Improv to the seniors that lived at Burbank Senior Artists Colony. Before this could happen, I moved to NoHo Senior Arts Colony. Even though I was at a new building I still wanted to bring Improv Second City Style to the seniors who I was creating programs for. While sitting in Celeste Pechous apartment one day, I thought about this and had the idea to ask her if she would be interested in giving a weekly improv class to the seniors at NoHoSAC. Sitting there debating with myself, I had almost dismissed the idea of asking Celeste, but I am glad I ‘Yes Anded’ myself instead of shutting the idea down. Celeste agreed and an 8 week class was set up. The residents loved Celeste and the Improv she taught them. They are funny, witty people with a great sense of humor and years of life experiences to pull from to make their comedy unique. From that first initial thought I had, the improv has grown into something magical. Celeste got this vibrant bunch of people who range from their 70s into their 90s a slot at Second City Hollywood on November 11th at 7pm. The Improv team is called, “Class of 1898 – Old School Improv.” A documentary film maker shot some footage of all the great things EngAGE does with the creative arts and aging, and, while at NoHoSAC, met with Celeste and the improv group. He fell in love with them all and is now documenting their progress from NoHoSAC to Second City Hollywood. If you are free on Wednesday, November 11th at 7 pm, come and check this fun comedy team out. You will be happy you did. Be a part of the magic!



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