The Grove: Senior Olympics + Activities

The annual EngAGE Senior Olympics is an opportunity for all EngAGE communities to come together and compete in outdoor games, art and craft, and performance competitions. Site Leader Miles Morse reported: “Everyone had a great time and were happy  they participated. Although no medals were won, the teamwork and community interaction between all cultures was heartwarming.”

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Twice a month EngAGE partner, Orange County’s Second Harvest, delivers 2000 pound pallets of groceries to an EngAGE site for seniors who may not qualify for the Food Bank. EngAGE staff divide the food and then transport it to other properties where individual packages for residents are prepared for distribution by a group of 5-7 resident volunteers. Regional Programs Director Meloney Morse says: “Volunteers have a fun time helping and display a sense of community when they are able to give back.”



Instructor Meloney Morse guides a twice a week, one-hour fitness class with essential focuses on flexibility, strength, and balance.


Instructor Shirley Yu’s hand-crafting class meets twice a month for 2 hours each class. Creating a hand-sewn fabric shopping bag was a recent project. The instructor says: “This project was enjoyed because it’s not very intricate, but is a very useful and practical craft.  When completed, we’ll make a matching wallet.”


~ Meloney Morse, Regional Programs Director

EngAGE offers a variety of classes, workshops, and special programs at each of our communities. These posts highlight just a small sample.


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