Community News: Metro Chinatown, Metro Compton, Coventry Court

From Dr. Maureen Kellen-Taylor, EngAGE C.O.O:

Artistic EquipmentThe Metro Chinatown Inaugural Art Show in April drew a small but enthusiastic crowd who were pleased to be able to discuss each of the pieces with the artists. The artists were also glad to show their paintings, drawings, photographs, and jewelry. The public can view the work between 10 and 4 on weekdays by calling the manager’s office at (213) 840-5251 and making an appointment.

From Nancy Goodhart, EngAGE Vice President:

WRITINGThe residents at Metro Compton are participating in a project presented by Join Our Story. It has been introduced on site to receptive and enthusiastic participants.

Celeste Davidson, the program facilitator, explains, “Join Our Story (JOS) is a program devoted to improving the lives of seniors. Specifically, we are creating a soap opera ‘story world’ that has been developed by professional writers and will be brought to life through an ongoing live-action video series and website. Seniors will have the opportunity to enjoy the series, access writing and technology tutorials, write within the story world, and socialize both live and on the website. We are a California Benefit Corporation, meaning that we have a driving social mission to serve seniors and to improve their mental health and happiness.”

From Meloney Morse, EngAGE Regional Programs Director:

ArtsCoventry Court in Tustin had their first art show in April.  It was a success! About 20 artists displayed around 40 pieces collectively. The event was well-attended, as you can see from the pictures!




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