“The Art of Creative Aging” – Juried Art Show Opportunity

Art of Creative Aging - show oppThere are so many talented artists living in our EngAGE communities! Many would like to exhibit their art beyond the opportunities we provide, but they don’t know how to begin to explore the possibilities. Juried shows are one way to start. There are usually fees that are required in order to enter, and entering shows can be expensive. But if the fees are affordable and if the shows are well chosen, getting into a juried show can put an artist’s work in front of a large public audience. Click here to learn about an opportunity at the San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center (18312 Oxnard Street, Tarzana, CA) that is specifically for artists over the age of 50.

It’s important to read all entry instructions carefully! Note that in this case (1) there is an entry fee of $35 for three pieces of art, (2) all of the art that’s accepted must be hand-delivered (no shipping is allowed), and (3) all of the accepted artists must sit one 3-hour shift (or however many it takes to fill up 30 shifts) at the Center during the run of the show  which is 8/23 through 9/10. Also, as is the case for almost all juried shows, entries must be submitted online, so artists must have good digital images of their art. The deadline for entries is Friday, August 12th.

Does this sound like a good fit for you or an artist you know? If you’re accepted, you’ll enjoy having your work seen. If you’re not accepted, you will have given it a good try!


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News from Long Beach Senior Arts Colony: Gardening

Gardening Class is a hands-on, once a week community project that teaches residents how to garden, work with the earth, and grow food to eat. Gardening promotes good nutrition, community building, and overall well being. The LBSAC garden is beautiful! It’s full of string beans,  lima beans, cherry tomatoes, large tomatoes, Swiss chard, basil, garlic, carrots, onions, collard greens, beets, and more. The papayas are still on the tree, and the gardeners will gather them and prepare for the new ones that are coming in the summer through fall seasons. The garden is still waging a war against pests. Instructor Toni Byrd plans to try a new organic mix of cumin, lemon juice and turmeric.


~ Helene Weinberg – Creative Programs Director

EngAGE offers a variety of classes, workshops, and special programs at each
of our communities. These posts highlight just a small sample.



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Worth Repeating: Doodling Helps Memories Stick

“Worth Repeating” is a weekly feature on the EngAGE Blog that will bring you previous posts that we think are still timely, interesting, or just plain fun! From 7/21/15:

WORTH-REPEATING“. . . something powerful happens when auditory learning is transposed into images. . . [W]hile students take copious notes, they may not be retaining much of what they write down. When a student doodles, on the other hand, he is synthesizing the information, making choices about what’s important and encoding the memory in a new way.” — And it’s not just for kids! Learn more here.


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Problems Growing Old in the Suburbs


This thought provoking article in The Herald, a South Carolina newspaper, is about Boomers being in denial when they think about aging in place if that place is a home in the suburbs. But this issue affects many parents of Boomers, too, who are currently in that situation. There are three major problems: transportation, accessibility (climbing stairs may be problematic, wheelchairs may be necessary), and social isolation.

Are you thinking of growing old in the suburbs? How will you deal with these issues?

[Hat tip to Ann Davis Garvin for the link.]


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Experience Talks 7/24: Nicholas Meyer


01 - KPFK ListenLiveButtonTune in to Experience Talks, our weekly “Radio Magazine for the Experienced Listener,” on Sundays at 5:00 PM PT on KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles, 98.7 FM Santa Barbara, 99.5 China Lake, 93.7 N. San Diego, streaming live online, and now syndicated on up to 100 Pacifica Network stations! Experience Talks is produced by the non-profit EngAGE, Inc.


PODCASTMiss the show? You can always hear it as a podcast on the Listen Page of our website! You’ll also find an archive-in-progress of all of our previous shows there for you to enjoy. New shows are usually posted within 48 hours after broadcast.


@ the Laemmle Royal Theater Classics
presented by hosts


Nicholas Meyer has achieved success as a novelist, screenwriter, and director. His many films as writer and/or director include Time After Time, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Sommersby, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, The Deceivers, Company Business, and The Human Stain.

He adapted the screenplay for his first film, The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, from his 1974 best-selling first novel of the same name. For his work, Meyer was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

The film tells the story of two of the greatest detectives in history—Sherlock Holmes and Sigmund Freud—who team up to solve a mystery in Vienna at the turn of the 20th century. The 1976 film, directed by Herbert Ross, brought the story to vivid cinematic life. The stellar cast includes Nicol Williamson as Holmes, Alan Arkin as Freud, Robert Duvall as Dr. Watson, along with Laurence Olivier, Vanessa Redgrave, Joel Grey, and Jeremy Kemp. Pauline Kael called the elegant, witty film “a highly civilized light entertainment.”

Recently, Meyer made an appearance at the 40th anniversary screening of the film at the Laemmle Royal Theater in West Los Angeles and, after the screening, participated in a Q&A  moderated by Los Angeles Film Critics Association President Stephen Farber.

Experience Talks host John Semper Jr. recorded the interview.

Thanks to Mike McClellan, Stephen Farber, and the Laemmle Royal Theater for allowing us to share these interviews, which are part of their excellent Anniversary Classics Series.


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News from PacArts: “Triangle Tribe” Art Show Opens August 4th

Please join us for First Thursday at Pac Arts in San Pedro on Thursday, August 4th @ 6 p.m. for our “TRIANGLE TRIBE” Artists’ Opening Reception. Three gifted, emerging female artists created a mind meld to bring you this unique, collaborative show. Enjoy refreshments, music, and very cool art! ~ Questions? Contact Helene Weinberg, Creative Programs Director, at HeleneEngage@gmail.com





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Top Ten Health Benefits of Making Pottery Enjoyed at Long Beach Senior Arts Colony

We were delighted to read this post about the top ten health benefits our residents enjoy while making pottery. It’s more than a creative outlet; it can improve your health!


2016_02-4 LBSAC

EngAGE offers a variety of classes, workshops, and special programs at each
of our communities. These posts highlight just a small sample.


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California Health Report Cites EngAGE Intergenerational Programs Funded by Eisner Foundation


The Eisner Foundation is a generous supporter of EngAGE’s intergenerational programs, mentioned in the California Health Report article entitled, “How uniting kids, elders helps both,” written by Matt Perry:

“It’s a solution for two problems at once: children desperately need mentors to guide them, and isolated seniors yearn for more connection and meaning. The growing intergenerational activities movement received a powerful jolt last year when the Los Angeles-based Eisner Foundation sharpened its focus to solely support intergenerational programming.”

Click here to read the full article.


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Tim Carpenter to be on Panel at AARP Convention in Washington, D.C.


Tim Carpenter, EngAGE Founder & Executive Director, will be on a panel discussing “Self-Fulfillment” at this important conference.

AARP Convenes:

Conversation & Collaboration:
How Intergenerational Approaches Are Sparking
New Solutions in Health, Wealth, & Self
Thursday, July 21
Brickfield Center, AARP (601 E Street, NW) Washington DC

The growing number of older people is a rich bank of human capital that, if utilized, can be a great asset to younger people. Equally so, younger generations bring talents and skills that can benefit older generations. Researchers, experts, policymakers and advocates in the areas of health, financial security and personal fulfillment are beginning to more fully understand how applying an intergenerational lens to these issues leads to the development of programs and initiatives that benefit not only participants but entire communities and strengthen the bonds across generations.

AARP has a long history of supporting intergenerational partnerships and activities that enrich the lives of young and old. AARP Foundation’s Experience Corps have older adults serve as mentors and role models to young students across the country. AARP is an active supporter of Generations United, a broad coalition of organizations serving as a catalyst to bring single-age focused groups together to build and support a common agenda while providing a unique voice in public debate. Generations United leaders will join AARP in this dialogue along with representatives from various other groups currently running intergenerational programs or conducting research in this field.

AARP will host a daylong conversation on the programs already successfully implementing intergenerational approaches along with the research underpinning how and why such initiatives benefit younger and older Americans. This conversation will serve as more than a summary of the successes and challenges of such work. The event will initiate a longer-term engagement and discussion in an effort to spark new thinking about how to support intergenerational approaches to solving problems in mutually beneficial ways.


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Worth Repeating: Eco-Conscious Retirement Communities

“Worth Repeating” is a weekly feature on the EngAGE Blog that will bring you previous posts that we think are still timely, interesting, or just plain fun! From 7/13/15:

WORTH-REPEATING“Though eco-conscious retirement communities are still rare in the United States (exact figures are scant), they are expected to grow in number as baby boomers age and seek healthier, greener alternatives.” Click here to read about what “green” means (there are many levels of commitment) and learn about an example: earth-friendly Wake Robin in Shelburne, Vt.


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